What We offer :

Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd roots at Hyderabad made it possible to have a pool of highly talented and creative VFX professionals ready to enhance the natural beauty of your feature films and tv productions using world class techniques. Their systematic approach provides leverage for your multimedia outsourcing needs. At Rotomaker, production pipelines are custom built providing on-time deliveries and within the scope of your budget. We simply turn complexity into simplicity in delivering high quality renders of projects utilizing the latest technologies currently available in the market.


At Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd, we understand that there’s really not one perfect shot but multiple shots all combined into one beautiful imagery.

This is at the very core of VFX Rotoscoping where the main objective is to achieve beautiful sequences that will appear fluid and eye-strain free.

Our creative technicians are experts on their field and not only they understand the process of stereo conversion but they’re doing it with the latest techniques.


Do you want to add vigorous imagery on your dull shots but doesn’t want to strain your production time? Perhaps, you want Rotomaker’s keyers to do the job for you. There are many types of keying and it absolutely depends on your data however outsourcing offers the best and quicker solution to adding fascinating effects on your feature films or movie projects.

You don’t need to strain your production timetable to produce high quality contents.


Tracking and matchmoving are key elements in VFX and its significance extends to many multimedia stuff such as TV shows, movies and commercials. In theory, matchmove is the 3D Tracking of the object motion providing raw shots for Set Extensions or CG Placement.

At Rotomaker, our skilled technicians provide your CG artists with coordinated system with visible camera motion path to work with.


For VFX Paint experts, the responsibility of ensuring an optimal setup for chroma-keying is tantamount to achieving excellent workflow on the VFX production pipeline.VFX paint is the process of removing tracking markers after the creation of masks around characters and objects . At Rotomaker , we understand the importance of VFX paint.

To your production that’s why our technicians are armed not only with superb expertise.


One of the biggest works in VFX is the removal of unwanted elements in the film, otherwise known as wires or rig removal.

An excellent cleanup work is tantamount to successful film or movie production thereby Rotomaker’s talented technicians are trained to deal with particular problems with multiple techniques with varying degrees of ease and difficulty.


Are you stuck and trying to figure what 3d stereoscoping and commercial 2d to 3d conversion services to choose ? Are you at a loss deciding between cost and quality? If so,it is time to stop worrying, for you have come to Rotomaker , your one stop shop , where you do not ever have to choose between quality and cost.

This is because at Rotomaker we offer you both in one single absolutely affordable 3D Stereoscoping conversion package, which is individually tailor made for your unique and specific needs.


Nostalgia is contagious but at the same time sweet, so don’t allow your priceless memories in black and white remain dull in today’s vividly colored screens. Breathe new life to your black and white film collection by introducing vivid colors through the process known as colorization. Maximize your viewing pleasure with full colors using Rotomak’ser colorization service.

That includes the best in class of 6K, 4K, 2K, HD and SD Formats designed for today’s screens.


With the advent of VFX outsourcing, more and more video producers are resorting to VFX outsourcing companies such as Rotomaker to enhance their products. At Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd, we understand that the business is to enhance your films or movies while you save money and time producing them. Our cleanup services are skillfully done by our talented technicians providing you with high quality feature films or movies.