About Rotomaker

Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd is devoted to offer the remarkable VFX post-production services possible for the best price available in the market. Using a robust backend of highly trained artists and leading technologies paired with round clock infrastructure, our clients enjoy the uncompromised quality and significant savings on their VFX outsourcing needs.we understand that the collaboration of creative professionals plays a major role in achieving the desired outcome of any feature films, commercials, conversions, and full-fledged rotoscoping production. Our artists are well trained to cope with multiple production paradigms, much like to say, we don’t take any of your corrections personal, we cut as often as you like as long as it yields the perfection on your materials that you crave for. What if you could save large savings on your next movie production, would you take it? If your answer is a strong yes, then join the countless multimedia companies who have experienced the highly efficient world of visual effects outsourcing. As one of the leading multimedia outsourcing service providers, we promise a complete solution for all your visual effects outsourcing needs.

Our clients enjoy the fully efficient production pipeline ensuring effortless product development experience thanks to our technical experts who constantly strive for tighter relationships amongst the clients in order to meet stricter goals. Be it an expensive in-house production or extensive work, we are here to solve all your post-production concerns that include VFX & STEREO rotoscoping, paint, keying, wire removal, clean up, matchmove for visual effects and 3D Conversion post-production facilities. These services are available wherever you are on the planet and the key element of roto making is not with the expertise alone but also at the very core of how the business is done, closed coordination between talents and round the close production facility that always falls within production schedules and budgets.

As being one of the largest outsourcing service providers in India, Rotomaker’s roots in Hyderabad enabled the company to capture India’s best artists and armed them with the latest tools and technology available in the market to produce high-quality Feature films, Commercials, and TV shows. Our excellence rests on the strong backbone of creative talent pool made up of Compositors, VFX artists, and VFX supervisors in sync with dynamic management, fluid production workflow, and cutting edge technology. This unique collaboration enables us to provide full-fledged innovative solutions for Visual Effects companies worldwide. Rotomaker stands for a reliable VFX outsourcing partner in the industry for more than a decade. If you have a bid that you want to discuss. Call us for estimates and more details.